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Your gift will help bring the the the light and life of Christ to a whole new audience in accessible ways 

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About NT Wright

NT Wright is senior research fellow at Wycliffe Hall at the University of Oxford.

He is one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars and a world authority on the apostle Paul.

Wright is the author of hundreds of academic and lay-level books such as Surprised by Hope, The Day The Revolution Began and Paul: A Biography (writing under the name Tom Wright for a general audience).

Wright is ordained in the Church of England and, among other roles, served as Bishop of Durham between 2003 - 2010. He is much in demand as a lecturer around the world and the author for the bestselling For Everyone commentary series and the New Testament For Everyone Bible translation

Wright is married to Maggie and they have 4 children. As well as being a voracious reader, he enjoys classical music and opera.

About us

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Christians lack confidence

The mission of Unbelievable? is to demonstrate that the Christian message is credible and true.

Everyone needs to hear the truth

It is our duty to fulfill the Great Commission to share the Gospel to those who have never heard it.

Christianity the UK has been in decline

Church attendance has halved in 30-years and faith is being pushed out of public life.

Help share the Gospel Truth

Several years ago I left my faith for skeptical atheism and it almost tore my family apart. Tom Wright and Justin Brierley have been instrumental in helping me rebuild my faith stronger than it was before.

What is the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast? 

A Fortnightly Conversation

Hosted by Justin Brierley, the show allows listeners to ask questions of Tom Wright, one of the world’s leading New Testament theologians.

A Popular Podcast

With millions of downloads and video views since it began, the podcast brings the thought and theology of Tom Wright to a new audience.

Theological Depth

Tom Wright’s unparalleled understanding of the first century world of Jesus opens up the scripture in a whole new way and has transformed modern theology.

A Missional Opportunity 

The podcast is also listened to by non-Christians and those struggling with their faith, reaching seekers as well as believers.

We need to confidently and articulately share the Good News.



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